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Personalized attention, the best option during a stay.

For many years, businesses sought massive expansion as a way to reach more people and thus cover more ground, but in doing so they realized an issue that had been left behind on the road: The service.

This is how companies begin to focus their efforts on customer service, since having a greater number of customers, the demand for some type of service or attention of the company, was increasingly required.

But the problem did not end there, because once the demand was met, more personalized attention began to be required and that is where a new differentiator was born in the market : Personalized Customer Service.

This type of customer service seeks to meet people's expectations on a more personal level, where you are no longer a regular customer, now you are a special customer who You are treated differently, with a little more warmth and a certain degree of personalization that allows you to feel pampered and cared for. In the hospital environment it is no different, and it is when smaller businesses begin to emerge, with a larger focus: specialized customer service (in our case personalized attention to the resident).

That is why Casona Nikte only has 6 fully equipped rooms, with the best amenities for the elderly and a work team that dedicates its efforts to making people enjoy of his days.

We have services such as: Full meals, outdoor activities, medical care, 24/7 nursing services, home consultations, legal advice for procedures and much more. In addition, we focus our attention on our guests, providing them with the best experience and care so that they feel at home.

Come and see our house located in the center of Mérida, Yucatán and discover why Casona Nikte is your home, away from home.

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